Design Considerations
       And q
uestions to ask yourself if you want a    
stained / leaded window, skylight, door surround, etc.

- Where do I want to put the piece?

- size & other considerations - is it a panel or a door, light box, skylight ...
Will there be other glass behind it or other structural considerations.

- if a light box - the actual lighting to be used must be discussed in
the design process.

- framing - this is a structural consideration - stained/leaded glass is
heavy and wants a substantial frame around it - for support and

- Do I want to be able to see through all or part of the piece -

block or modify the light

- Do I want clear or clear textures, tints, strong colors

- Do I want a specific design style

- Have I seen something I like - as overall design or a section or a

- or want to match or compliment - a fabric, rug design, building

- favorite colors, flowers, animals

- a specific feeling for the piece

Much of all these questions can be answered as we go along - they are
offered as things to think about at the beginning - but do not need to
be answered before we start - my process will elicit the answers as we
go along - as my many happy clients will attest to.

Sources to find style and other pictorial references:

Look around and there are many design ideas in your life now - fabrics,
ceramics, motifs, design elements that you have already chosen.

- for new ideas - the BEST place - your Library - look in architectural
styles, pictorial history of places, designers, artists, style books,
artistic movements, of course - stained glass, leaded glass in each of
these areas. ... in specific, Dover books have many books that could
give you ideas.

AND, of course, the web ...