Budget considerations should be discussed early in the design process.

What a piece of stained/leaded glass will cost involves several

overall complexity
      - design aspects:
 will there be fine detail, painted or fused parts
                                         (or other heat processes), layering? ... Does the            
                                          design require special building techniques?

 - technical aspects:  size - usually the larger the piece the more
                                             reinforcements needed

 - placement:  door, skylight, high stress placement -more reinforcement

 - materials: mainly glass: the many different types of glass vary
                            tremendously in price - the number of colors and the amount    
                             of glass that needs to be purchased also affect price

 - design charges:  a stained/leaded glass piece starts with a drawing -
                                         if the drawing isn't right, the actual piece won't be          
                                          right. The cost of the initial drawing and subsequent      
                                          reworking of drawings can also affect pricing.

 - framing:  does one need to be made? - size? material? glazing?

All prices are F.O.B. my studio - delivery, packing, and shipping are

An idea of price - as of 4/06 (subject to change without notice) - for
leaded glass - range from a low of about $85 - $125. per square foot
and up .... Add more detail (see above factors) and the price can easily be
$175 - $200. per sq.ft. and up.

A FREE ballpark guesstimate is always
available if you send me - by phone, letter, email, or fax (for fax call
first) - some idea of what you want including design, size, placement,

As for restoration work - generally if releading is not needed - and it
often isn't, the basic charge for restoration is $5
5. per sq. ft. and
$75 - 85.per sq. ft. if releading is needed. The actual costs will be
determined after inspection of the pieces requiring work.